Frequently Asked Questions

How Our Pricing Works:
All pricing is per press release issued (not a subscription). All services are pre-paid and ordered online. No membership fee. We accept all major credit cards through our secure payment system (PayPal is optional). All pricing shown is “non-profit pricing”.

Free Photo or Logo:
TruthPR allows you to include one free Web-resolution photo or company logo (no ad banners). You may include a print-resolution (300dpi) image at additional cost. (Note: Most sites don’t use image, but many do.)

Anchor Links Support:
We have always provided live links to fully formed URLs (such as www.yoursite.xyz), but you may also have up to 5 (or within reason) anchor links around words/phrases to “deep-link” into your site pages, such as to a product page, white paper, or online demo. All links other than to the home page at bottom of release will be “no follow” to meet Google’s newest guidelines. It’s best to avoid temporary landing page, or short-term campaign links of any kind in your releases.

If you want links to be visible in emails to media, and on most sites cloning news, you should only use visible URLs (e.g., www.site.com/pagename/). For very long link strings (more than 60 characters), you may want to use Google’s URL Shortener service.

News Content TruthPR will not accept:
Because TruthPR (www.TruthPR.com) syndicates news across multiple high-quality news sites as well as traditional information systems like Lexis Nexis, we hold our content to a higher standard than most. This means we turn away most of the news content “allowed” by the junk free posting sites, and all-you-can-eat services which don’t work with major syndicators.

Specifically, we will not accept any of the following content:

  • Stock Opinions (unless from U.S. registered broker)
  • Stock Round-ups / Pumping
  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and make money at home
  • Promoting affiliate link sites
  • Anonymous political action committees (PACs) promoting a candidate
  • Cigarettes and e-cigs
  • News releases which go against the TruthPR statement of faith
  • Promoting sites which are nothing more than affiliate stores hosted by Amazon
  • Press release distribution services (competing with us)
  • Payday loans or credit cards
  • Lawsuits with no facts in evidence or wild allegations
  • Casino and gambling (exception would be charity “casino nights” which are not the same as professional gaming)
  • Promoting any site clearly fraudulent or deceptive
  • Diet pills or body part enhancement nutraceuticals

Why TruthPR?



Register for a free account and submit your press releases through “My Campaign” after choosing the plan you want. Press releases may not be accepted if the guidelines are not followed—guidelines which mainly pertain to defamatory content and outright advertisements. After acceptance and publication, your press release will remain online until you remove it yourself.

Need Help writing your Release?

Have us write a press release that is readable, properly formatted, and designed to get media attention.

What do you get?*

  • A concise, well-written press release
  • Satisfaction (we don’t distribute your press release until satisfied with the copy)
  • Quick professional service (less than one week turnaround)






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