Lilli Lingerie

We are the first & ONLY quality lingerie boutique in Brunei. We believe that each woman is unique. Many women do not know their actual bra size. However it only takes two simple measurements, under the bust and the fullest points of the bust, to find the size they should buy to feel comfortable.

At Lilli Lingerie, trained staff will advise our clients on their correct bra size. To be really beautiful, a woman needs to feel good, at ease and be gently supported without any constrictions.

Our History

When and how it all started

The idea of a lingerie shop came after a backpacking trip to Europe in 1999. After exhausting a large chunk of my savings from a month of touring parts of Europe, I came back to Brunei with a strong determination to start my own business. But with absolutely limited capital, what kind of business can I do? Sitting on my bed one hot August night in 1999, the word “SEX” Flashed across me. Yes we all know Sex Sells but what can be done in Brunei without having religious people come after me. The word lingerie spells out. When I was living in Canada I love to buy pretty matching undergarments but I couldn’t find such a shop in Brunei when I came back to Brunei in 1997.

So arm with my entire left over savings (which wasn’t much), I garner my courage and open a small tiny shop (300 sq. ft.) on the 1st Floor of Sweet Deli in Kiulap. I thought to myself if I never try, I would never know. But if I tried and I failed, at least I can learn from my own experiences and know that I have done my best.

The first few years were the toughest years. Many days would go by without any sales. Anxiety crops in, depressed and stressed, I thought the only way to make it work was to borrow money and move to a bigger unit. I was glad I made the right decision. By moving to a bigger ground floor unit 3 times the original size of the first shop, we were able to give comfort, professionally, and real shopping experience to our clients.

12 years later, I am proud to say that with the continuous and loyal support of our clients, we are still here to service them. Arm with my certificate as being the first Asian to be certified as a Professional Bra Fitter in London Eveden school of Fitting in 2007.

Within a year of being on the first floor, Lilli Lingerie expanded its operation and moved to Unit 3, Ground Floor, Block A, Q-Lap Kompleks. With the bigger space and wider choice of products, Lilli Lingerie hopes to service all her clients in comfort and luxury so that clients can feel at home with the new atmosphere and treat themselves to beautiful lingerie anytime.

– Lili Yong, Founder and Owner

Our Skills

What we’re good at

Our aim is to help every woman in Brunei and beyond to be fitted into the correct bra. Because with the correctly fitted bra, you would stand looking taller, slimmer, younger, and with more confidence.


Our Dedicated Staff

Excellent and friendly people who will guide you through


Founder / Owner

Lili graduated from Simone Fraser University Canada. She is a Canadian by citizenship but lived in Brunei for the past 19 years. She was trained as a certified professional bra fitter in London in 2007 and as a professional CARE fitter in Mastectomy bras and prosthesis in Germany in 2015. She has over 16 years of bra fitting experience and work extensively with schools, hospitals and fitness clubs to bring awareness of proper bra fitting to students and the public.


Sales Mgr. / Bra Fitter

Aine has been part of Lilli Lingerie family for the past 8 years. She originates from the Philippines and would offer exceptional customer service when you come for fitting. She is also our social media marketing expert.


Bra Fitter

Julie has a wealth of experience in fitting with more than 7 years in Lilli Lingerie. With her as your guide, you will surely be in good hands. She has been in our store for many years and has manages our different outlets in the past. She can measure a bra correctly and provide you with a perfectly fitting product.