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Lilli Lingerie Vision

Every woman is unique. We have this shared desire to be beautiful, sexy, confident, forever young and empowered. It’s our aim to help you to achieve all that by helping you find the right bra. A bra is not just a bra. It’s more than just giving you support. It will change your life!

We only bring top high quality brands in order to deliver our promises to you. Wearing these brands not only make you feel beautiful and sexy.… it helps you to save because it lasts.


What We Do

Finding the Perfect Bra for the Perfect Body

Getting the right bra fit will make you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Feeling comfortable will make you become more confident, beautiful, young and sexy. It will also:

  • Improve your posture and figure.
  • Eliminate back, shoulder and neck pains.
  • Perfectly shape your breasts.

Professional Bra Fitting Services and Consultation

We are the first and the only lingerie Boutique in Brunei to have professional Bra Fitting services. Our aim is to help every woman in Brunei and beyond to be fitted into the correct bra. Because with the correctly fitted bra, you would stand looking taller, slimmer, younger, and with more confidence.

We aim to forever change women’s lives one bra at a time.


Our Brands

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Our Customer Reviews

Raving testimonials from our valued clintele

“Awesome service. Anticipate what i was looking for without me having to look or ask for it. Eager and enthusiastic and Lily made me comfortable right away considering it was my first time attending the store. Definitely recommends this place to those who have issues with searching their unique sizes like me and also those who arent sure of their size at all! Products are comfortable and worthy of their prices. Will definitely come again!”

Farah Yussop

“I have finally found the right sports bra, Anita Active Extreme Control sports bra! I felt comfortable already when trying on it, and can’t wait to workout. Dear Lily… I love the bra you suggested to me! A perfect match!”

Angie On

“Love the environment and helpfulness the staff. Have been going to the store from many years.”  

Dina AR

“Never know in my life that I was wearing a wrong bra size until I met Lillie Lingerie in KB store. I had a great and a satisfying experience. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. They were very patient with me to tryout different types of bras to suit my needs and to what I’m looking for. They did well answering to all my doubtful questions too of guiding me how to properly wear a bra to how to take good care of a bra. The bras are very comfortable and the surface is smooth to touch. It does give me a good feeling after wearing it (Note: also gives me a good curve too) and boost up my confidence as a lady.

Highly recommend to everyone who might be wearing a wrong bra size without knowing (just like me). Simply pay a visit to Lillie Lingerie. They will be glad to help you. It’s really worth the price. X)”  

Calaena Sardothien

“I’m one of LL’s customer since 2006..!!! What makes me stick to this shop.. Cos of the quality.. Its not every month i have to buy..i will buy something from them if there’s a sale.. Or when i need new ones..Hehe.. Product recommended for me its the body wrap, the sports bra and i just bought the new simone perele body wrap.. And it isss awesome.. Some ppl say its pricey.. But for me… U have to sacrifice some just to be better n confident.. N yes i did .. Thanks to lily and the staff..”

Sandra Rahman

“Just dropping by for the first time because of the sale, friendly staffs and nice experience buying a lingerie. Would drop by again some other time.”

Kimsy HK

“I’ve bought full set of Rago after my delivery last year in 2015 and Im still using it until now. It gives my body shape and it also help me to straighten up my body while breast feeding. Now I even bought another full set of Rago in different colour! That’s why I love this brand! Plus the service given from Lillie Lingerie is excellent!”

Jannah Johari

“Today I meant to drop into Lili’s just to try on what I thought was what I wanted. Lili was there and fitted me with several selections of perfectly fitting bras. I ended up getting bras much better than what I was expecting! This is how good her service is… and yes she’s right… a good bra makes you feel “empowered”…!  Awesome!!!!!”

Nadia O. Adenan

“I’m an active woman with special needs in terms of my lingerie . I’ve never heard of a cup G , GG and did not even believe H existed until I got myself properly measured about a decade ago. Today I have countless collections of what Lili has to offer from my day wear, swim wear and of course my sports wear. I kickbox and its one of the best support I’ve ever had when I’m working out. Thanks Lili for your work in changing women’s lives one bra at a time! So … What should I get next girlfriend?”

Elizabeth Sim

“Why I love Lilli Lingerie Brunei… They have my fav designer which fits me perfectly and it’s at a very affordable price too compare to some generic brand that priced at almost the same. I love them more when they have great great sale hehehe”

Siti Nora

“AMAZING. just AMAZING!  It’s the best place for all woman out there to buy a bra! its worth every penny! The quality of the bra are superb! The owner as well as the staff are super friendly and gives an amazing service for me, especially since I’m a newbie to this shop. I’m also glad that I’m finally able to find the right size for me (thanks to the bra fitting). I super duper loveeeee this place and I will definitely come again! Thank you Lilli Lingerie! It was such a wonderful experience!

Eeyah Hmd

“My wife LOVED the bra I purchased here, and Lilli is the absolute BEST in helping her customers. She gives 5 star service!!!”

Jason Gilbert

“I trust the product from this shop especially sport bra. I brought last month and feel comfortable for daily activity.”

Firdauz De Kutin Bubuz

“The staff are all professional and they try best to cater to fit to our body shaped. Always best to visit with a friend.”

Hilda Chan

“I really love Rebelt Panty, really finding it difficult after having my CS, been searching for perfect panty, until I saw Lilli Lingerie advert… After using it I felt in love with it… It really help heal my CS wound faster than everyone’s view…. Tq Lilli Lingerie…”

Ckg Nurul Limie

“I’ve been wearing size EE my whole life and when I went to LL, i found out that I’m a size G! lol embracing my figure as I go, definitely gonna come back for more.”

Balqis Yazid

“Thank you so much Lilli for your help with my purchase today. Love them!”

Masnonah Aziz

“Thankyou for picking 2 gorgeous sets of ur high quality underwear to me today. They made me feel like a princess today. much much love DAYANG NURAIN.”

Dayang Nurain