About Us


Our mission is to deliver promises with strong adherence to ethical business practices. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations
and gaining their trust through exceptional service by every member of our team.


Our motto has been commitment to deliver the highest quality standards and strive for customer satisfaction, and make “ARCHID” the first choice of customers.


We believe in creating homes based on understanding of consumer needs and preferences. Our well thought vision, motivates us to reach upto the customers’ exception and ensures their
delight at all times. To be known for our authenticity, hardwork and largely excellent quality work. Our vision is to “To build homes for life & think big and make dreams into reality”.


Archid group is dedicated to quality and continues process of improvement for both customers and employees. The quality system at Archid group match some of the best in the industry and
we believe it will significantly contribute to its performance and growth. Our chief responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements the level of quality at Archid Group not only matches but exceeds our customer expectations. We develop organizational excellence and quality awareness through innovative process
improvements, training, measurements and developments of customer and employee satisfaction programs.
Quality is an integral part of our commitments to customer service.
For its fulfillment we:
–> Manage our company with utmost professionalism.
–> Update our services with latest web technologies.
–> Maintain the highest degree of professionalism and personal ethics.
–> Offer competitive rates and true value for money to our clients.
The company quality edifice stands on the following pillars:
–> Total commitment for customer satisfaction.
–> Protection and advancement of environment
–> Market leadership.
–> Strive for quality excellence.
–> Sustainable development of stakeholders.


“Environment and Development are like the two sides of a coin. Neither the environment nor the development can be sustainable without the existence of each other. However, it is realized that Development is to be achieved but not at cost of Environment, by adopting a Systematic
Environment Management System. Without this philosophy, Archid Group prioritized Environmental Protection at par with operated activities. Archid Group is committed to help the environment clean and green for nation. Archid Group is planning to introduce green building and solar energy into the buildings both in commercial as well as residential projects.