On April 30, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published an article on the unfortunate case of a patient at SSM St. Clare Health Center allegedly receiving surgery on the wrong side of her brain. This was followed by a May 2 editorial opposing tort reform legislation proposed in Missouri that would place a cap on non-economic damages in medical liability cases. The proposed legislation does not place a cap on actual damages. The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society and the Missouri State Medical Association responded with letters to the editor.

Patients Could Continue to Seek Damages Under Tort Reform
Letter to the Editor by David L. Pohl, MD, President, St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society
May 1, 2013

Editorial on Medical Malpractice Was Inaccurate
Letter to the Editor by James B. Wolfe, MD, President, Missouri State Medical Association
May 04, 2013

Doctors Work in a Climate of Fear of Being Sued
Letter to the Editor by Anjum Shariff, MD, Past President, Greater St. Louis Society of Radiologists and SLMMS member
May 04, 2013

Post-Dispatch Editorial:
In Medical Malpractice, Saying 'Sorry' Isn't Enough
May 02, 2013

Post-Dispatch Article:
Lawsuit Accuses Surgeon of Operating on Wrong Side of Woman's Brain
April 30, 2013 
A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed Friday against SSM Health Care-St. Louis and a local neurosurgeon for allegedly operating on the wrong side of a woman’s skull and brain. More ...