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Did you know that your breasts size changes every year?

Some underwire inside your bra are made of Nickel which can cause skin irritation. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause annoying headache and backpain.

Most women who walk in our store were shocked when we shared this information to them. Many had the mindset of: “A bra is just a bra.” So far, none of the Lingerie company can take Prada’s slogan “It’s not just a bag, it’s Prada”. The same goes with bra. A bra is NOT just a bra. It has so many functional and hidden psychological benefit that will affect its user.

Most women have a wrong misconception about bra. This is why I am writing this post to share with you the knowledge that every woman should know about bra and their chest. I am talking from the 2 point of view. One from the health point of view, and second on the psychological point of view.

From the health point of view:

The very first reason why you need to invest in a good bra is because when you wear a wrong size bra, it can cause you headache and backpain. If your bra is too tight, it will cause you headache due to the tightness that affected the blood flow. At the same time, wrong size bra will not give you the right amount of support which can cause back pain.

We had one case where she’s a very active person, she plays basketball. Then one day she suffered a back pain. She thought it was a muscle injury. So she came to us and we got her fitted, and we suggest her to get the Anita sports bra that we have. This is what happened to her after she came to us:

“So I developed back pain because I was more active than I used to be. It’s not until one of my sports coaches pointed out that my injury wasn’t sports related that I realized that it’s gotta do something with my bra. And then once I got fitted, it’s not been that long but the back pain I was feeling started to fade away and they’re basically gone now.” – Phoebe

From the psychological point of view:

Do you have a bra that you hate to wear but you have to wear it cause everything else are in the laundry basket? That bra might be too tight which will make you feel so stuffed. Or it could be a bit too loose and the straps keep on falling. This will make you feel annoyed and will affect your mood throughout the day.

If you wear a well-fitted bra instead, you will feel super comfortable which will make you feel good about yourself. Imagine when you feel good, you will feel super comfortable and are ready to conquer your day.

I hope by sharing my knowledge with you, you become more aware and realized that a bra is NOT just a bra. As a thank you for reading this and if you are ready to invest in your chest, I am inviting you to come to our store to get yourself fitted..

… and of course, I’m giving you $20 voucher as well.

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