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“Badly fitting bras can be a contributing factor in the occurrence of a number of complaints in the musculoskeletal system. Possible links between wearing a tight, ill-fitting bras and the onset of breast cancer are an ongoing discussion in the United States. Conversely, a well designed and correctly fitting bra can be an important therapeutic aid in the prevention and treatment of back complaints in women with very large busts.” – Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kruger, Senior consultant at the department of Internal Medicine/Oncology, Rehabilitation Centre of Bavaria Clinic, Germany.

Bras are so taken for granted that hardly anyone thinks of taking a closer look at them with regards to women’s heath and general well-being.

Orthopaedic doctors have been aware that bras can contribute to the occurrence of pain and other complaints affecting the shoulder area. Bra straps exert pressure on the trapezius muscle and the collarbone and this put pressure on the complex structure of the shoulder joint and the cervical spine. This can result in inflammation of the bursa (shoulder joint), tendon irritation and defective positions of the cervical spine.

Considerable problems can be caused by an ill fitting bra even in the short term as bras can cause irritation if they are too tight or too loose and lack support. For this reason and in the event of pain in the shoulders, cervical spine, and also chronic headaches, please take a critical look at your bra design and fit.

A well fitting and well designed bra is one of the most important therapeutic aids for the treatment and prevention of back pain and poor posture in women with very large busts.

A well fitted bra would help a woman achieve the following:
1. Greater comfort
2. Excellent support
3. Prevent premature sagging of the breasts
4. Enable a woman to look years younger
5. Instantly help a woman look slimmer
6. It can boost your confidence both physically and mentally
7. Improve posture
8. Alleviate all pains and contribute to good health
9. Good quality bras will last longer
10. Mean you will never have to wear another uncomfortable bra ever again!

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