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Funny how you can observe people’s personality by judging how they look. For example, if someone rock that ripped black jeans with Aerosmith’s white shirt plus the Bobbi Brown black eyeliner. You will think the lady we describe is feeling rebellious, don’t you?

Personality can also be described by looking at the bra people wear. This may not be accurate as this is for fun, but hey, put in the comments below if there are things you think that are missing or your opinions on this.

Anyhow, here you go!


With half-cup bra, the Demi gives you the natural cleavage and it’s great for everyday wear .If most of your bra collections are Demi’s, you are probably someone who are very simple.You find comfort in simplicity. You’re the “down to earth” kind of woman. You’re probably not into dramas. If there are even rumours about you spreading amongst your circle, you probably don’t even care about it!


You probably love to be in control of every situation. With that amount of cleavage shown and the girls lifted up, you are flirty, outgoing and very confident of yourself. And you always want to show off your qualities, because you know what you want and you are there to show that who’s in control. Who runs the world?


You are adventurous, spontaneous, likes to take risks and loves to try new things. But when it comes to fashion, you’d rather go for simplicity but you won’t go far to not wearing any bra at all. So, how many things are there in your bucket list woman?


You are a mix of fun and sweet but so dependant on your girls. You loves seeking support from others. You want your girls to be there especially during the hard time. Now, where are my girls?


This bra isn’t about the cleavage so you tend to be a bit conservative and reserved. You don’t really show off and comfort is the first thing you look in an outfit. You are intellectual and always look for the best solution to a problem. Well, there’s a reason why padded bras were invented. It’s super cute and comfy.


You are very active and healthy. Your instastories will be filled with your spinning sessions or your after work run. You have goals in life and you’re very determined to achieve them. You don’t really care what others think of you. You’re open to critiques or comments which makes you the opposite of high-maintenance. After all, sports bra are very comfortable. Time for burpees!


You pay attention to details and have a sensible taste of style. You are very friendly and try to make time for everyone in your life. You are ready for anything at all times. With your personality that you are outgoing, willing to make time for people which makes you a good listener. This makes guys to easily fall for you. How many times have you had the guy mistook your personality thinking that there is something going on?


You understand compromise, and you’re willing to work with people if it makes them happy. Women who prefer these bras may change their minds often and make decisions on a whim. You keep your options open. Since you’re so flexible, you’re ready for anything, and can tackle just about anything that comes your way.

If you have additional comments on this that should be here, put in the comments below.

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Time to enhance that personality of yours woman ?

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