In 1977, designer Gale Epstein took embroidered handkerchiefs and crafted them into a lingerie set for a friend, giving rise to the Hanky Panky name and subsequent brand. Creator of the World’s Most Comfortable Thong®, Hanky Panky offers a signature collection of lacy bras, panties, lingerie and sleepwear proudly made in the USA since 1977.

We are the first to admit: we LOVE Hanky Panky’s signature lace thongs. It’s perfectly stretchy, never digs, never makes itself seen under stretchy dresses or low slung pants, and is also undeniably hot in a perfect sort of “oh, this old thing?” sort of way. The original thong differs from the classic low rise in that there’s a little more lace in the rise- perfect for longer torsos or dangerous curves. And since they (literally) come in every color imaginable, you can have your way pretty much every day.

Grab the Worlds’s Most Comfortable Thongs to date! Visit us at Unit 1.20 First Floor, Abdul Razak Complex, The Mall Gadong or check our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

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