Lilli Lingerie is proud to announce that we support breast cancer awareness worldwide by showcasing brands that are promoting breast care and supports women who are undergoing cancer treatment.

One of our outstanding brands, Anita, the 132-year-old German-based lingerie and swimwear company, is committed to a 5-year partnership with Look Good Feel Better (LGFB), the national charity dedicated to helping women manage the appearance-related effects of cancer treatment. Look Good Feel Better offers an intimate two-hour support workshop in cancer centres across Germany. As the first new addition in over 20 years to the workshops, the breast care component offers breast health education and mastectomy bra expertise to workshop attendees. The Anita partnership aims to support Look Good Feel Better’s purpose of providing women with tools to restore a sense of self.

Statistics show that one in nine women are expected to develop breast cancer in their lifetime and only 10% of those women will undergo breast reconstruction. A Look Good Feel Better survey found that more than 60% of women with cancer weren’t recommended bras for post-surgery and recovery by their health care providers and that these women were eager to learn more about breast care post cancer treatment. Feedback gathered following the pilot workshops from those who attended, revealed that women spent hundreds of dollars on ill-fitting bras and prosthesis that were not optimal products. Women felt that they had to do most of the research themselves or find out from other patients.

“Look Good Feel Better has been helping Canadian women with cancer feel more like themselves again for more than 25 years,” said charity CEO & President Dee Diaz. “We do this by arming women with the tools and knowledge to navigate the impact of cancer treatment. Our partnership with Anita provides a natural extension to our workshop program and meets the needs of what women are asking for. Not only does it provide women with sought-after information related to breast care, but also provides them with a sense of control in making informed decisions, and, most importantly, a sense of self.”

The Breast Care and Cancer Treatment component provides a 360° presentation touching upon:

Mastectomy bras
Breast form options
Which bras to wear during cancer treatment (compression, post surgical/radiation)
Bra types and fitting tips for overall breast health
How to prepare for a fitting and what to look for in a retailer

“Anita’s partnership with Look Good Feel Better aims to support women affected by cancer with knowledge and products to help restore confidence and well-being,” says Mark Caskenette, Managing Director of Anita. “We’ve met with women in our trials and test sessions that when fitted with the proper prosthetic and bra were brought to tears as they felt more like themselves.”

Continuing the partnership beyond the workshops, Anita and Look Good Feel Better will be working with independent specialty stores to establish Look Good Feel Better and Anita Certified Retailers. Certification involves product knowledge and selection, fit training and compassionate care training to provide each client with suitable options and a positive experience.

SOURCE : Newswire.ca

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